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omega seamaster replica

omega seamaster replica, a German brand, is known for its minimalist approach to design. It was inspired by the Bauhaus movement. Bauhaus was founded in 1919 as a German school of fine arts, architecture and craftsmanship. It taught a new way to look at design and function. omega seamaster replica created nine versions of the classic Tangente watch in honor of Bauhaus, a school and movement that has influenced art and architecture for over 100 years.

Uwe Arhendt is omega seamaster replica's CEO. "Tangente, our prizewinning bestseller embodies the company in a way that no other," he said. It has been a constant favorite watch for 25 years,Omega Replica Watches and it is the watch most associated with Bauhaus. Tangente's design is a classic example of the principle that form follows function. He continues, "We were certain that the Bauhaus anniversary should have a limited edition of Tangente."

The special edition "Tangente"--a century worth of Bauhaus models is based on sketches by Paul Klee, renowned Bauhaus teacher and artist. Bauhaus demonstrated that harmony is when function meets design in the simplest way possible. This meant no ornamentation and no complicated compositions. These nine models are simple and efficient, with pops of color like many of the omega seamaster replica designs.

There are three sizes available: 33mm, 35mm and 38mm. The dial is the color of sketchpaper, which evokes Klee's famous paintings. Hands and numerals are black. omega seamaster replica's signature pop of color is found on the dial. It can be seen as a subtle ring in red, blue, or yellow. All these models feature the Alpha caliber, which was the brand's first ever in-house-built caliber. It was also the brand's first manufacturer of in-house movements. omega seamaster replica's Alpha is a classic that powers the majority of its watches and has been a consistent choice for commemorative series.

These new models are true to omega seamaster replica’s brand philosophy. They show the simple yet meticulous development process omega seamaster replica's engineers exemplify. Arhendt explains, "When designing watches, we focus on the essentials and leave the unnecessary to one side." This approach is inextricably linked to Bauhaus. This approach is directly connected to Bauhaus's precursor, the Deutscher Werkbund.franck muller replica watches It is a hallmark of the way we work here at omega seamaster replica - with the goal to produce high-quality products using efficient methods. This ethos is also found in Bauhaus and Tangente.

By the end of August, "Tangente--a century Bauhaus" will be sold at select retailers. You can only get 100 copies per model so hurry up and grab one!